I have always loved cooking and one of my year 2016 resolutions was to take my cooking game a notch higher by cooking healthier more delicious foods. After extensive research online on the best cookware set for my cooking, I settled or the 10-piece Calphalon Classic stainless steel cooking set. I ordered one at Amazon.com for only $199, and it was delivered within only three days. This cooking set has turned out to be the best cookware set I have used for the reasons below.


The set comes with all important pieces for day to day cooking at an affordable price. You don’t get a bunch of mixed up and useless utensils you may never use in the kitchen. The cookware pieces are made from medium weight stainless steel. Courtesy of this durable material the pieces can sustain high temperatures of up to 450 degrees and still last longer than sets from other brands. I liked the set more on the realization that it comes with a ten-year warranty which is a sign of manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of his products.

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The other reason why this set rocks is the nice set of features it comes with. Pots and pans in the set come with well fitting stainless steel lids while the glass items have lids with strainers. Pots also have measurement markings inscribed on them and spouts on both sides for an easier discharge of liquids. The measurement calibrations are large enough for I can read the ones on my items from as much as five feet away. Isn’t that convenient?

This set is also safe to use and cleans easily. The stainless steel quality used in this brand is not reactive to food and is easy to clean. The handles to the lids are specially designed to ensure that they do not get too hot for the hand. I cannot forget to say that the strainers on the lids are awesome to use for they prevent liquids from leaking from the pots. They just pour from the spouts.

This Classic Calphalon 10 piece set is the best cookware set in the year 2016. It gives you value for money and convenient cooking. Get yours today and refine your cooking.